Paul wins cycling sprint gold, Campbell gets bronze

Trinidad and Tobago cyclist Nicholas Paul -
Trinidad and Tobago cyclist Nicholas Paul -

NICHOLAS Paul won his second gold medal of the 2023 Elite Pan American Track Championships when he finished on top of the podium in the men’s individual sprint event on Saturday.

Paul got a lot of attention from the fans at the Vicente Chancay Velodrome as he was seen taking photos with them after the victory over Colombian Kevin Quintero.

Paul defeated Quintero in consecutive rides in the final as the third and final race was not required.

In the second race of the final, Paul was in front when the race began. With one and a half laps to go, Paul made his move and tried to widen the gap.

Quintero stayed close, but Paul was simply too fast to catch as he sealed his third medal of the championships.

In the race for bronze, Paul’s training partner Jair Tjon En Fa captured the bronze medal with victory over Argentine Vilar Lucas Omar.

In the semi-finals, Paul got the better of En Fa in two straight rides and before that defeated Colombian Santiago Morales in the quarter-finals.

Before winning the men’s individual sprint, Paul teamed up with Kwesi Browne and Zion Pulido to snatch silver in the men’s team sprint event on Wednesday.

A day later, Paul won gold in the men’s keirin final in a race which also included Browne. Browne ended sixth.

Also on Saturday, Akil Campbell added to TT’s medal tally when he copped bronze in the multi-race men’s omnium. What helped him seal bronze was a spectacular showing in the points race.

TT women’s cyclist Phoebe Sandy finished 14th in the women’s 500-metre time trial qualifying round and missed out on competing for the medal.


"Paul wins cycling sprint gold, Campbell gets bronze"

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