Mega-storage facility for covid19 bodies opens in early January

Keith Belgrove - Sureash Cholai
Keith Belgrove - Sureash Cholai

The Health Ministry will be opening a mega-storage facility for covid19 fatalities in Beaucarro, Freeport, in early January.

President of the Association of Funeral Home Professionals of TT Keith Belgrove confirmed the location on Thursday.

“The Prime Minister and Minister of Health have been talking about that (facility) for a couple weeks now.

“It’s not a mortuary, it’s a simple storage facility that has been prepared to assist with the covid situation that has been happening now to support the overflow (of bodies) from the RHAs.”

On December 18, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said it was necessary to acquire a bigger facility as covid19 fatalities increase and bodies build up in morgues.

Belgrove said the ministry would give more details of the facility in a press release on Thursday.

On Wednesday evening, the total death toll stood at 2,662.


"Mega-storage facility for covid19 bodies opens in early January"

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