Singer Ryan Hamilton encourages Trinidad and Tobago Olympians to Dream


RYAN Nathanael Hamilton’s song Dream was not initially written with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind, but the song has been endorsed by two-time Olympic medallist Keshorn Walcott and is also being supported by the TT Olympic Committee.

Hamilton’s song, released earlier this week, encourages people, not just athletes, to find strength during challenging times.

Part of the song says, “Even when things don’t work out you don’t give up, stay patient, blessings will surely come your way, no fear, just faith.”

It continues, “Follow your dreams, you got a vision, just take the lead now, you’ll go the distance.”

In an interview with Newsday on Thursday, Hamilton said, “Some might say it is under a whole Afro-beats kind of vibe predominantly (and) some say a kind of Afro-beats/Caribbean sound.”

Hamilton’s music production company is called Fisherman Project.

Hamilton, 33, has dabbled in many aspects of music since he was six years old. He has sung gospel, played the keyboard and piano, been a part of school and church choirs and has participated in the Music Festival.

Discussing the song, Hamilton said, “Going through the pandemic I told people I had a lot of thoughts on regret. I thought about the what ifs in life especially when everything got so simplified where you can’t do this (and) you can’t do that.

“It made me think a lot about all the dreams, all the visions, all the plans that we have that were halted during that time.”

Hamilton said so many people don’t try because they are afraid of failure.

“The song was really just me inspecting and looking at myself…it is not if it does not work out, but sometimes we need to ask the question what if it does.”

Hamilton, who played football growing up, said he met Walcott last year.

“I came into contact with Keshorn last year. I had the opportunity to attend one of his training sessions and in talking I said this song could also fit well with something sport themed.

“I saw videos with him training and the song playing in the background, so it is encouraging to see that.”

Walcott, who is getting ready for his third Olympics, won gold at the 2012 London Olympics and took bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the men’s javelin event.

The writers of the song are Hamilton, Toure Baptiste and Kitwana Israel. It was produced by Baptiste, mixed by Krimson 33 Studios and mastered by Madmen Productions.

The video includes photography by Curtis Henry, digital mural sketches by Blvck Ferrari and the video, along with cover artwork design was done by Heaven Dzign.

The Olympics will begin in less than one week with the event being held from July 23-August 8.

TT will compete in seven disciplines – track and field, swimming, sailing, rowing, cycling, boxing and judo.


"Singer Ryan Hamilton encourages Trinidad and Tobago Olympians to Dream"

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