Cro Cro: Don't depend on Govt

Cro Cro
Cro Cro

Icons manager Weston Rawlins, otherwise known as Cro Cro, says calypso tent operators must not depend on government subventions to help carry out their activities during the Carnival season.

“We ent get nothing but we will survive,” Rawlins said of Icons.

He said the tent has not yet received a government subvention, despite having applied for one to fulfil its 2018 agenda.

“You must do things in a way to prepare for the rainy days. That is what I am doing right now.”

However, Rawlins regarded as disrespectful, Government’s decision to pump $1 millon into the Chutney Soca Monarch competition after Southex CEO George Singh had initially called off the event because of a lack of financial support from the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB). “Kaiso and Carnival is what supposed to keep this country alive and we supposed to get enough to run the kaiso business. How come chutney get?” he asked.

“I read where Colm Imbert (Minister of Finance) said they were giving chutney $900,000 and they round it off to a million. What kind of disrespect is that?”


"Cro Cro: Don’t depend on Govt"

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