Gasparillo mom's killer is 'walking free'

Tricia Farrow.
Tricia Farrow.

AS police continue to question several people in the Gasparillo community to find the killer of 42-year-old Tricia Farrow, her grieving children said they cannot rest until their mother’s killer is arrested.

“How can you sleep at night knowing that the man who killed your mom is walking free out there. None of us was able to sleep well last night and I don’t know how we would be able to sleep comfortably just knowing this man is out there. Justice must be done,” Kerwin Bando said in an interview this morning.

Bando and his other siblings are at the Forensic Science Centre awaiting the results of an autopsy which will be done on their mother to determine the cause of death.

Farrow’s decomposing body was found behind an abandoned house near her home, three days after she was reported missing by her husband.

She was found in a semi-nude state with a wound to her head.

Farrow was found hog-tied, a belt wrapped around her neck which was tied to a piece of PVC fastened to the house.

According to a police report, Farrow left her Hillview Drive, Bonne Aventure, Gasparillo home on Friday night. Her husband Earle Bando, 50, told police that was the last time he had seen his wife alive. She did not return home that night.

Kerwin Bando points to the spot where they found his mother's body tied to a PVC pipe of a house on Hillview Road, Gasparillo. Photo by Vashti Singh

On Saturday, the worried husband went to the Gasparillo police station to report his wife missing. Reports said on Monday morning about 8 after smelling a foul stench from at the abandoned house, a villager found Farrow’s body.

The abandoned house is located a stone’s throw away from her home.

Six months ago Farrow was allegedly sexually assaulted by a 20- year-old man in the village. She did not report the incident.

Homicide Region Three Police are investigating.


"Gasparillo mom’s killer is ‘walking free’"

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