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Friday 17 August 2018
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Police find drugs in juice can, deodorant

Police officers are now looking for criminals in connection to the discovery of a quantity of cocaine and heroin hidden inside a deodorant can, and a quantity of marijuana in a juice container.

Police officers found the narcotics during an anti-crime exercise in Besson Street on Tuesday night.

Police say that between 9 pm on Tuesday and 2 am on Wednesday, officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force Strike Team, carried out an exercise which covered Dan Kelly, Laventille, and Nelson Street Port of Spain.

Police officers went to Nelson street at around 11 pm and searched the rooftop of one of the buildings in the area. During the search they found a black plastic bag under some clothes.

Inside the bag was a large Tang container, which contained 13 packets of marijuana, weighing 320 grammes, and an Axe deodorant can containing 12 packets of cocaine, weighing 19.42 grammes, and two packets of heroin weighing 1.77 grammes.

No-one was arrested in connection with the discovery.

Prior to the drug find police found a firearm in Dan Kelly.

Task Force officers were in the area, when they noticed a group of men liming. The men saw the police and ran off.

Although they didn’t catch any of the men, police officers searched the area and found a black plastic bag with a revolver and ammunition.


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