Yoga instructor launches book on meditation

Aaron Rampersadsingh also known as Ved Valmki launched his new book, Start Meditating Today, on June 8. 
Photo courtesy: Gareth Leigh Photography. 

Aaron Rampersadsingh also known as Ved Valmki launched his new book, Start Meditating Today, on June 8. Photo courtesy: Gareth Leigh Photography. -


Aaron Rampersadsingh, also known as Ved Valmki, is preaching what he practises: he's launched a book, Start Meditating Today, on June 8.

Rampersadsingh, a 36-year-old from Preysal, began yoga and meditation in his childhood, heavily influenced by his mother.

“My mom was a big part of learning yoga and my spiritual journey. She got both my sister and me involved in yoga when we were children. I have been steeped in yogic philosophy and spiritual practice (since) I was five years old.”

After he went to Preysal Government School and Presentation College, San Fernando, his deeper engagement with yoga blossomed during his university years at Ramapo College, New Jersey, where he studied psychology and explored the impact of yoga on consciousness.

“I returned home from the US because my mom had cancer and I wanted to be with her. During that time, I delved deeper into the spiritual aspects of yoga, especially meditation.

"When she passed in 2013, I had a hard time grieving.

"I would say that yoga rescued me from that, because I went to stay at an ashram.”

At the ashram (a place dedicated to yoga and spiritual living), where he spent nine months, Rampersadsingh’s guru guided him to explore yoga further, leading him to teach.

A pivotal moment in his life came during a pilgrimage to India in 2015. Visiting the ancient temple of Kedarnath in the Himalayas, Rampersadsingh experienced a profound spiritual change.

Aaron Rampersadsingh, also known as Ved Valmki.
Photo Courtesy Gareth Leigh Photography -

“Before I entered that temple, I had always felt very uncertain about my life...When I was there I felt a shift: I did have a spiritual experience there.”

This experience solidified his dedication to the spiritual practice of yoga and his mission to share it with others.

“My whole life has been about spiritual exploration,” he said when asked about his initial goals. “I never had a clear goal about what I wanted to do until after the first time I went to India. I studied psychology in university because I wanted to understand myself and people better, but I really found that in yoga.”

In 2017, he returned to India after qualifying for a scholarship to SVYASA University from the Indian High Commission. There he received his yoga certification and learnt more about the science behind yogic practices.

He's been a yogacharya (yoga teacher) since 2015, working from his studio in Preysal Village since 2017. It doesn't have an official name, but is mostly referred to as the Yoga with Ved Studio.

“What is most rewarding for me in teaching yoga is seeing my students and clients begin taking charge of their lives, and to see the transformative power of these ancient spiritual practices.”

Inspired by his students, Rampersadsingh decided to write Start Meditating Today as a comprehensive guide to meditation.

“Meditation holds so much power in it. It transcends religion and helps us to get back to the spiritual core of our being, but it is practice, a journey that requires wisdom and guidance.”

Aaron Rampersadsingh (Ved Valmiki) at one of his yoga retreats in Tobago. Photo courtesy Yoga with Ved

Realising he could not give as much as he wanted to just by teaching meditation classes, Rampersadsingh began writing this book to share some meditation techniques and concepts.

“There is so much to explore in it, but we all have to start somewhere... hence the title, Start Meditating Today."

Writing it took about a year.

“Sometimes I felt like the book was writing itself...Other times I really had to stay with it, be patient, and wait for the inspiration to enter my being to continue.”

The process was both a learning experience and a testament to his discipline and dedication.

The book has three parts: the basics of meditation, deeper spiritual concepts, and the integration of meditation into daily life. It aims to reach anyone interested in meditation, from beginners to those seeking to deepen their practice.

Rampersadsingh hopes readers will find practical guidance and spiritual insight.

“This book is for anyone who feels attracted to meditation but does not know how to start...and certainly it is for any person, of any religion, who sincerely desires spiritual growth in their lives.”

Asked why yoga is important to him, he explained he believes it is crucial not only for his spiritual growth but also for society’s future.

“I see the power of yoga in its ability to bring back health, prosperity and harmony into people's lives. I believe that yoga, and its spiritual practices like meditation, have a place in ensuring a positive future for our society. And I am fully dedicated to my role in facilitating that.”

Reflecting on how yoga has had an impact on his life beyond the physical practice, he said, “Yoga has given me everything, and I am very grateful to my mom and my guru for guiding me on this path.


"Yoga showed me that peace of mind is not just an ideal, it is an achievable reality. Through yoga I have found a place in myself where I feel a deep sense of peace, connection and compassion and I strive every day to be conscious of that and to share that however I can.”

Why is meditation important for today's people?

“In this modern life we give our attention to everything outside...every problem and challenge we face is difficult because we have become disconnected from that inner source.”

Through meditation, Rampersadsingh has found a deep sense of peace and aims to help others achieve the same.”

He said the most immediate benefit of meditation for anyone, even if just starting off, is stress relief.

“It gives a sense of relaxation and ease to help you rest and recover. As you go a little deeper it will help you to become healthier, manage your emotions, and uplift your thinking.”

When you commit to yoga as a lifestyle, “It will lead you to spiritual connection and insight – to help you live in alignment with your life purpose and to reveal your full potential.”

Looking ahead, he plans to continue writing and expand his teachings through coaching, workshops, and retreats. He hopes to see a greater appreciation for the spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation in the coming years, both locally and internationally.

Aaron Rampersadsingh (Ved Valmki) during one of his workshops at his studio in Preysal. -

To those new to yoga and meditation, he offered this advice: “Practise, and all is coming to you.”

For the hesitant, he encourages starting the journey with an open heart and finding a teacher who resonates with them, and he emphasises the importance of daily choices in cultivating wellness and spiritual connection.

Start Meditating Today is available in bookstores and directly from the author.


"Yoga instructor launches book on meditation"

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