‘Chris Must’ attorney: No due process followed

Criston Williams -
Criston Williams -

ATTORNEY Criston J Williams, who represents Canadian YouTuber Christopher “Chris Must List” Hughes, claims his client was not afforded due process when he was arrested last week.

Hughes was charged with sedition on May 29.

“When my client was arrested I can say that the normal processes were – well, no due process was afforded,” Williams said in a voice note shared via WhatsApp on June 2.

“His fundamental human rights were contravened, and then misinformation was put in the public domain that could result in either his death (or) my death…”

Williams also claimed police visited his offices last week. He also disclosed he has sought an audience with the President.

He also said his client's claims that his life was threatened by two “political figures” have not yet been investigated.

Hughes, 45, is expected to appear in court on June 3.


"‘Chris Must’ attorney: No due process followed"

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