Lilliput to stage Time Longer Than Twine

Lilliput’s Children Theatre rehearses for the production, Time Longer Than Twine, which will be staged at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, on May 18 and 19. -
Lilliput’s Children Theatre rehearses for the production, Time Longer Than Twine, which will be staged at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, on May 18 and 19. -

Lilliput Children’s Theatre will present Time Longer Than Twine at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s. The production will address language erosion within Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean cultures.

Lilliput said its productions challenges audiences to explore alternative political, social, and cultural perspectives.

Under the guidance of veteran director Noble Douglas and the leadership of Wendell Manwarren, the young actors and dancers have embraced the creative challenge of Time Longer Than Twine, a media release said.

Drama tutors elisha efua bartels and Tonya Evans, along with dance tutors Kevin Jack, and Mariama Noguera-Devers, who is making her debut, are also prepping the cast to deliver a captivating performance.

elisha efua bartels -

The production delves into the concerning trend of language erosion within Trinidadian and Caribbean cultures. Inspired by the observations of a young actor named Zachary, Manwarren reflects on the significance of local Trini sayings like “time longer than twine” and “one day, one day, congotay” disappearing from daily conversations. Recognising the gravity of this issue, Manwarren emphasizes the power of storytelling to address and potentially remedy this cultural loss, the release said.

Drawing inspiration from historical influencers such as storyteller Paul Keens-Douglas, Manwarren aims to reintroduce captivating phrases like “who tell she say that” and expressions such as “cut eye,” “side eye,” and “cooyah mouth” to a new generation. He believes that our language provides unique nuances, enabling us to convey meanings that standard English cannot capture fully, the release said.

Multifaceted artist bartels also serves as performer, writer, director, stage-manager, and teacher. Her journey in the performing arts led her to Washington DC, where she pursued her degree in the performing arts. Committed to elevating the arts scene in Trinidad and Tobago, bartels is deeply passionate about showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the nation. She believes in empowering Trinbagonians to embrace their identity as the creators and narrators of their own stories, the release said.

Noguera-Devers discovered her passion for dance and performance at the age of five when she joined Lilliput Theatre. At 15, Noguera-Devers transitioned into professional performance. Holding a bachelor of arts in dance and global studies from The New School in New York City, she is dedicated to exploring how the arts can address and alleviate social justice issues.

Mariama Noguera-Devers will make her debut as a dance tutor in Time Longer Than Twine production by the Lilliput Children’s Theatre. -

Time Longer Than Twine promises to stimulate, excite, and entertain its audience, offering a profound exploration of cultural identity, the release said.

Lilliput Children’s Theatre said it remains dedicated to fostering self-confidence and nurturing resilient minds through the transformative power of theatre, play, and imagination. Showtime is 6.30 pm on May 18 and 19.

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"Lilliput to stage Time Longer Than Twine"

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