PM to be briefed on SSA on April 22

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Photo by Roger Jacob
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Photo by Roger Jacob

THE Prime Minister will meet with national security officials on April 22 to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

Dr Rowley was asked for an update on operations at the SSA at the post-Cabinet media briefing on April 18.

He said he was unable to provide one at the time, but should be able to do so next week.

“I have a briefing meeting on Monday (April 22), and subsequent to that I will be able to give you a better answer,” he said.

A shake-up at the SSA saw the agency’s director Major Roger Best sent on administrative leave on March 2 and replaced by Brig-Gen Anthony Phillips-Spencer.

Phillips-Spencer at the time held the post of ambassador to Washington. DC.

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) said on March 3 Cabinet had made the decision on the advice of the National Security Council, which Rowley chairs.

The OPM said Phillips-Spencer was expected to initiate an extensive review and audit of all personnel, equipment and processes in the SSA.

The shake-up raised questions over Best’s relationship with Pastor Ian Brown, who later claimed to be a spy for the agency.


"PM to be briefed on SSA on April 22"

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