17 Miss World Trinidad and Tobago hopefuls selected

Miss Toco Hannah Roberts - Photo courtesy social media
Miss Toco Hannah Roberts - Photo courtesy social media

Seventeen women were selected to compete for the chance to be the Trinidad and Tobago 2024 Miss World representative and $500,000 in prizes. These women were selected from 59 hopefuls who attended the screening on April 7 at the Hyatt Regency hotel.

In a media release, the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago (MWTT) Franchise said the young women went through a judging process which included an assessment of their initial introductions, confidence levels, stage presence, overall deportment and the ability to interface with the judges based on a question and answer segment. The MWTT said the aim was to identify finalists with an x-factor and who would be easy to mould into a national representative and then a Miss World delegate.

The 17 finalists were announced at the “Reveal” event on April 14 at the Brix Autograph Hotel. At the event, Franchise holder Charu Lochan Dass said, “Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to work with the ladies and I am so pleased with the level of talent, commitment and beauty I have seen.”

She added the one chosen to represent the country would be the individual who worked the hardest and put in all the effort to make themselves better in every possible way. She advised the delegates, “If you hope to represent TT and make a difference on the world stage you have to be at your best.”

Newsday contacted several of the contestants, who shared their excitement.

Miss Bon Air Kirsten Bleasdell - Photo courtesy social media

Kirsten Bleasdell, 23, the Miss Bon Air representative, said, “I am very, very excited to be chosen, it is really a huge honour to be a part of this competition.”

She said she was very pleased to be among the diverse group of women.

“I think any one of these girls would represent TT really well.”

Ally Sequea, 20, the Point Fortin representative, agreed.

“All of the girls have something unique to offer, I have met these girls and they are some of the most amazing girls I have met. They are friendly, talented and intelligent, they are more than just beautiful.”

Miss Point Fortin Ally Sequea - Photo courtesy social media

Hannah Roberts, 25, the Toco delegate, said she was grateful for the opportunity to develop herself.

“I have always wanted to be utilised as an inspiration to young women and be a beacon of light to young women who may be going through difficult situations, this platform would give me that opportunity.”

She said while she is confident in her chances, she thinks there is a lot of work to be done for her personal development and she is looking forward to the journey.

Prishni Rampersadsingh, 24, a former mechanic and now Miss Aranguez, said, “My friends were the ones who encouraged me to join the competition.

“After much encouragement, I made a last-minute decision to go to the casting and here I am.”

She also said she hopes this journey will help her in her personal development.

Miss Aranguez Prishni Rampersadsingh - Photo courtesy social media

Navin Boodhai, Miss World TT franchise representative, said the final 17 would be judged on their talent, stage presence, poise, beauty and ability to respond intelligently to topical issues. He said the ideal candidate would have beauty with a purpose. The finale will be held on June 23 at the National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA).

The 17 contestants are:

Miss Toco Hannah Roberts

Miss Tobago Renessa Ortiz

Miss Sun Valley Beyonce Bernard

Miss Princes Town Sonia Birbal

Miss Point Fortin Ally Sequea

Miss Pax Vale Anna-Lise Nanton

Miss Maraval Mia Alario

Miss Marabella Natalia Thackorie

Miss La Canoa Mary-Rebekah Reyes

Miss Gulf View Jordanne Steele

Miss Gasparillo Kayla Alexander

Miss El Dorado Jodie Russell

Miss Couva Kirsten Emmanuel

Miss Bon Air Kirsten Bleasdell

Miss Arouca Tessalee Homer

Miss Arima Anna-Marie Bhagan

Miss Aranguez Prishni Rampersadsingh

Seventeen women were selected to compete for the chance to be the Trinidad and Tobago 2024 Miss World. - Photo courtesy Miss World Trinidad and Tobago


"17 Miss World Trinidad and Tobago hopefuls selected"

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