Two men killed within hours in Claxton Bay, Carapichaima

Police car - File photo
Police car - File photo

Two men were killed hours apart between Friday and Saturday in Claxton Bay and Carapichaima.

Dead are Sham Bridgelal, 56, of Macaulay in Claxton Bay and Richard Samlal, 50, of Carapichaima.

At around 12.15 am on Saturday, Bridgelal was shot and killed by gunmen who opened fire on a group of people who were attending the wake of his murdered sister-in-law, Crystal Harricharan, 35, at Boodoo Trace in Claxton Bay.

Bridgelal died on the spot. There were no reports of others being injured.

His sister-in-law was shot dead in her car on April 9 at Jarvis Street in Vistabella.

Less than two hours before Bridgelal’s death, Samlal was stabbed during an altercation at a bar near his home.

At around 10.30 pm on Friday, Samal, together with the suspect and other patrons, were playing pool at More Daru Bar at Orange Field Road.

An argument broke out, and Samlal was stabbed.

The father of one died at the scene.

The suspect, who lives in the area, left.

Freeport police later arrested the suspect.

The Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) police are continuing investigations.


"Two men killed within hours in Claxton Bay, Carapichaima"

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