Social Development Ministry: Report claims that funeral grant suspended

Donna Cox -
Donna Cox -

THE Ministry of Social Development is urging anyone who is told its Funeral Assistance Grant programme has been suspended to report it to the ministry, as that is not true.

Earlier this week, would-be applicants told Newsday when they called different branches – including the head office in Port of Spain – they were told the programme had been temporarily suspended, but should resume by the end of the month.

The reason given was that the ministry was allegedly reviewing the policy framework for the grant, owing to legislative issues.

The $7,000 funeral grant is one of 12 general assistance grants the ministry provides.

Those eligible include clients of the ministry's service delivery units, vulnerable people in crisis and emergency situations and victims of natural or man-made disasters.

On March 19, line minister Donna Cox told Newsday the grant had neither been stopped nor suspended.

However, an applicant who contacted the ministry that same day was told otherwise.

In a press release on March 22, the ministry said it is "cognisant that (the) grant is required in times of grief and emergency and so, continues to enhance its systems and processes to ensure that clients have a seamless experience."

It said those interested in accessing the grant should contact the ministry at its toll-free number (800-1673) to determine their eligibility.

It added, "Anyone being told by staff of the Social Welfare Division that this grant has been stopped or discontinued can make a report at 623-2608 Ext 5612."


"Social Development Ministry: Report claims that funeral grant suspended"

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