Armed robbery opposite Gasparillo police station

Police car - File photo
Police car - File photo

Gasparillo police are investigating an armed robbery at an NP service station across the street from the Gasparillo police station before dawn on Friday.

The police station and the business are separated by Henry Street, off the Bonne Aventure Road.

Reports are that a silver Toyota Aqua stopped at the store entrance around 2.45 am.

Three men, one with a gun, got out and walked into the QuikShoppe.

They approached the cashiers and announced a robbery. The men stole $2,000 from one cash register, $900 from another and $6,300 from under the counter.

They also stole a quantity of cigarettes and bottles of rum.

The bandits returned to the car and drove off along the Bonne Aventure Road.

There were no reports of injuries.

In the past few years, the business has been robbed several times.


"Armed robbery opposite Gasparillo police station"

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