Government favouring radio stations

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: The records are clear to prove that the Prime Minister and his ministers often go to mainly one radio station (I95.5fm) to make national announcements and avail themselves for interviews.

This Government is paid by all taxpayers to represent all sections of the country. Why doesn’t it also choose Radio Jaagrati 102.7fm, or Sangeet 106.1fm, or Akash Vani 106.5fm? Why favour one above the others?

The Government also uses certain radio stations on which its party supporters like to broadcast training workshops and job opportunities. For example, the Youth Career and Education Caravan that is being organised by the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service.

This caravan is rolling to party strongholds such as Point Fortin and Arima. The free government giveaways include entrepreneurship villages, health services, fun activities, career fairs and entertainment. The caravan includes booths by Nalis, HDC, Nedco, MTI, Cariri, YTEPP, OJT, Ministry of Education, NESC and ADB.

An ethnic-based ruling party that is in government in a multi-ethnic society must not discriminate among the citizens. Every group, district and constituency must be treated equally for the country to move forward in unity. We cannot stand and rise together if the Government is dividing us in the distribution of its services and resources.




"Government favouring radio stations"

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