Munroe Road Hindu Temple robbed, vandalised

Police on a crime scene. - File photo
Police on a crime scene. - File photo

THIEVES ripped off gold jewellery adorning sacred murtis at the Munroe Road Hindu Temple and cash from donation boxes containing notes and containers filled with quarters.

Commending the police for its prompt response, pleasant and courteous manner in dealing with the break-in on Thursday morning, Pundit Krishna Rambally said he was not holding on to any hope that the perpetrators would be caught.

“I don’t think the police can do anything. This TT I am living in now, is not the TT I knew.

“The police came from the Cunupia station. They were very nice, courteous, very pleasant people. They said they would do some patrolling in the future, but that does not change anything."

Police have promised to patrol sacred spaces, after several attacks on churches, mosques and mandirs earlier this year.

“Residents in this area still go to bed with fear. I have been living here all my life and in years gone by, we could have left our doors open. No longer can we do that. We have to lock up at 6 pm and stay behind closed doors.

“Our buildings are not bandit-safe and the sanctity of our temples are being destroyed, desecrated,” the pundit, who is the father of Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally told Newsday.

Pointing out that Munroe Road is a crime hotspot, Rambally said they had been contemplating what to do to safeguard the temple.

“We cannot pay for security and even if we hire a watchman, his life could also be in danger.

He said the bandits came prepared with bolt cutters to cut the lock to the back and front doors of the temple. They made their way inside, ransacked all the cupboards, escaping with donation boxes.

The quantity of the cash stolen, Rambally said could not be ascertained as the boxes were yet to be opened. He condemned the snatching of gold jewellery from their revered murtis.

Secretary General of the Maha Sabha Vijay Maharaj said the incident was "deeply distressing."

He condemned yet another attack on Hindu temples.

"It is not just an attack on a physical structure but a direct assault on our shared principles of faith, tolerance, and mutual respect.

"I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the TT Police Service for their swift response. Their dedication underscores our collective commitment to ensuring that all places of worship remain inviolable sanctuaries of peace and spiritual refuge.

"Let this event serve as a stark reminder that we must redouble our efforts to protect these sacred spaces."


"Munroe Road Hindu Temple robbed, vandalised"

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