Man ambushed, shot dead in Diego Martin carpark

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POLICE are investigating the murder of Jabari Williams, 36, who was ambushed by two men while driving through Diamond Vale on Tuesday night.

Police sources say Williams and a female friend were driving along Garnet Street, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin when they saw a grey SUV parked in the middle of the road, blocking them.

Two men armed with guns and wearing camouflage clothes, white gloves and masks got out of the SUV and began shooting at Williams’ car.

Williams tried to escape the hail of bullets by driving into the Diamond Vale Shopping Centre.

The gunmen continued shooting at him as they followed his car into the carpark.

Williams got out of the car and began running but was hit in the head and collapsed near the ATM on the compound.

The gunmen then turned their attention to the female friend, who sat crouched in the front passenger seat of the car.

One of the gunmen shot at her several times.

The assailants then returned to the SUV and drove off.

Police on patrol responded to reports of the shooting and arrived shortly afterwards. They found Williams on the ground with his friend standing near him.

Bullets with TT Regiment (TTR) and police (TTPS) markings were found.

A district medical officer declared Williams dead and ordered a post mortem be done at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

Police took Williams’ companion to the St James Medical Complex, but on the way there, officers noticed they were being followed by a grey Kia Sportage.

They were only able to record part of the licence plate number before the SUV stopped following them.

At the hospital, doctors treated the woman for gunshot wounds to her left buttock and left thigh and she was warded under police supervision.

Enquiries are continuing.


"Man ambushed, shot dead in Diego Martin carpark"

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