This is the opportune time, Trinidad and Tobago

Pope Francis
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THE EDITOR: This is that time when it seems like the hearts of my fellow citizens are gripped with fear. But TT, our homeland pulsates with spiritual and natural energy attracting presidents and kings, civil rights leaders, superstars and global sporting personalities. This blessed land has nurtured us and has been a beacon for the Caribbean and the world.

However, we have invested our trust in leaders who we hoped would do right and be faithful stewards of the gift of this land. Have our leaders served us well? Have they nourished and nurtured this sacred space well? This is the opportune time to see the patriotic leaders from every sphere who will speak words of courage, comfort and commitment over this blessed space.

This is the time when the babel of voices ramping up the hysteria and negativity have invaded our personal equilibrium. Truth be told, we have feigned powerlessness and given our individual and collective voice to others. This is the opportune time to reclaim our voice from politicians, talk-show hosts and political analysts and reset the quality of public discourse and engagement.

When Pope Francis addressed the US Congress in 2015, he reminded us that each son or daughter of a given country has a mission, a personal and social responsibility. Now then, this is the opportune time for business leaders and for us all to demonstrate that responsibility, resoluteness and resourcefulness in leading with integrity ourselves first, our families, our schools and our workplaces.

I am reminded of Tubal Uriah Butler who exclaimed, “This is a cause that demands real men as leaders. Yes, a time like this demands real men as followers. A time like this demands men, real men, men of opinion, men of will, men whom the lust of office cannot kill. Yes. Men with the soul of the master, the mind of the master to make sacrifices that others might enjoy a better and brighter day.”

This is the opportune time for those servant leaders to arise.


Maracas, St Joseph


"This is the opportune time, Trinidad and Tobago"

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