Body of depressed woman found in Pointe-a-Pierre

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THE body of a woman who was said to be suffering from depression was discovered in her rented home at Christian Drive, Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre on Wednesday.

Police said the body of Tracey Holder, 43, a former Ministry of Works employee, was too badly decomposed to determine the presence of any marks of violence.

Landlord Kirk Phillip discovered Holder’s body in her studio apartment after another tenant complained of an unpleasant smell and the presence of flies from the apartment.

Phillip said he last saw her alive on August 21, when he told her there would be workmen on the compound.

He said she only moved into the apartment in May. Holder previously lived at Ragoobar Lands, Gasparillo.

After the complaint from another tenant, Phillip look through a window and saw Holder's body lying on her bed.

He made a report to the St Margaret's Police Station and PC Ragbir and WPC Paul responded.

Investigators found her wearing only underwear, with her legs hanging off the bed. The decomposition of the body made it difficult to determine whether her death had involved foul play.

Her sister Andrea Holder, a private teacher, told the police Holder was a very reserved person who lived alone. Andrea said in May 2018 she had quit her job at the MOWT where she had worked for 15 years, and was unemployed at the time of her death.

She said Holder was experiencing “some kind of depression," but never accepted help that was offered.

DMO Dr Dharamaj declared Holder dead and ordered her body removed to Dass Funeral Home pending a post-mortem.

WPC Paul continuing enquiries.


"Body of depressed woman found in Pointe-a-Pierre"

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