Two murders in St Augustine, Tunapuna

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Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II are probing two murders in Tunapuna and St Augustine on Thursday evening.

In the first incident, 29-year-old Brandon Richards was standing on O'Keefe Street, Tunapuna, at around 5.30 pm, when a black car drove near him.

Men in the car shot Richards several times before driving away.

Passers-by took Richards to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope where he was declared dead shortly after.

Crime scene investigators found 25 spent 5.56 shells.

Hours later, at around 11.10 pm, officers of the St Joseph CID received a report of gunshots at Santa Margarita Circular, St Augustine, and went to the scene where they found the body of a man on the street.

Investigators said the man was not known to residents and appeared to be of mixed descent wearing a white t-shirt and black short pants.

A district medical officer declared the man dead. The man remained unidentified up to Friday afternoon.


"Two murders in St Augustine, Tunapuna"

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