Brother of kidnap victim shot in Phillipine

Police at a crime scene. - File photo
Police at a crime scene. - File photo

A 45 year-old mechanic was shot several times at his garage in Phillipine on Friday.

According to police reports, Richard Rajkumar was at his business around 4.15 pm when a car pulled up and one of the occupants got out and fired several shots and him. Rajkumar's attacker got back into the vehicle which sped off.

A relative took Rajkumar to the San Fernando General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

He is warded at the hospital's intensive care unit in a critical but stable condition.

Rajkumar is the brother of Ria Sookdeo who was kidnapped on September 22, 2016, after dropping off her children at a primary school in Diamond Village.

She has not been found to date.


"Brother of kidnap victim shot in Phillipine"

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