Police raids across Trinidad and Tobago yield little results

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Police raided known drug blocks across the ten police divisions and several roadblocks between Friday and yesterday in crime hotspots and other areas but yielded little results.

In North-Eastern Division, Santa Cruz CID and charge room police cracked down on drug blocks in the San Juan district, focusing on Blackford Street, Providence, Money Avenue, Pipiol, Bourg Mulatresse, and Laventille Road.

The police interviewed several people which led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle on Seventh Avenue in Malick. The vehicle was reported stolen on Friday at Trincity Mall carpark.

San Juan and Morvant police targeted hotspot areas in the Upper Sixth and Upper Seventh Avenues in Malick, like Councilman Circular, Johnny Basement, Mango George, Coconut Drive, Vegas and Westmore, Second Caledonia, Chinapoo, Never Dirty, Mon Repos, Green Acres, and Mt Hope Road. No one was arrested.

The statement said Southern Division police held a traffic exercise between 1 am and 5 am on Saturday at South Trunk Road, La Romaine, near Paria Suite Hotel, paying attention to traffic heading to the Point Fortin for the Borough Day celebrations. The police searched the occupants of several vehicles, including buses, maxis, and taxis, for illegal guns and ammunition, weapons, and narcotics.

However, the police found nothing illegal. The police completed 27 stop and search forms.

In Tobago, with the help of members of the TT Regiment, police targeted five drug blocks in Scarborough. One man was held with 51 grammes of marijuana.

In the Charlotteville and Roxborough districts, the police issued six fixed penalty notices and completed 20 street check forms.

The police also targeted three drug blocks and priority offenders. The officers arrested a 57-year-old man from Plymouth on an outstanding warrant.

In the Eastern Division, the police issued five tickets to drivers for not wearing their seatbelt, having an unsecured load, and driving without identification lights.

The police also found and destroyed 250 marijuana seedlings and ten trees at St John Road, Brothers Road district. No one was arrested.

Couva police tested five people for driving under the influence but none exceeded the legal limit.

In Northern Division, officers searched a house at Daisy Voison, Phase 2 in La Horquetta, for guns and ammunition. However, nothing illegal was found.

Northern Division police recovered a gun and arrested two people in an exercise in a separate incident.


"Police raids across Trinidad and Tobago yield little results"

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