Gas suppliers assure: No LPG shortage

File Photo by Roger Jacob
File Photo by Roger Jacob

BOTH Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) and National Petroleum (NP) have assured that there is no shortage of LPG, the nation’s most used cooking gas.

In a release on Sunday, PPGPL said its processing units have been taken offline for “routine maintenance works,” which the company has been planning for a year.

“These planned maintenance activities were always carded for April to May 2023, and are in no way due to any gas-supply challenges in the sector.”

“PPGPL’s main priority is the safe completion of all planned maintenance activities during this period and will remain steadfast in its focus on the people carrying out these jobs while maintaining a secure supply of LPG.”

It said that as part of its planning, PPGPL spoke to stakeholders to ensure there was an adequate inventory.

In a separate release, NP confirmed the supply of cooking gas remained uninterrupted.

“Consumers are encouraged to maintain their normal purchasing patterns and avoid panic-buying which will only serve to cause shortages,” NP said in its release. “Furthermore NP’s LPG plant operations will continue as normal with systems in place to prevent any disruption to supplies.”

Both gas suppliers were responding to a Sunday Express report of alleged natural gas supply challenges to meet customer demands because of a shut down of the lone cooking gas producer and other petrochemical plants at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate due to an electrical fire at bpTT’s Mahogany hub and mechanical issues at the Cassia C platform.

The article some plants were offline to assist with managing network pressures to ensure a reliable supply of gas.


"Gas suppliers assure: No LPG shortage"

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