Friends and family grieve for murdered couple

Family friend Camille delivers the eulogy at the funeral of Amanda and Mustaph Mohammed. -
Family friend Camille delivers the eulogy at the funeral of Amanda and Mustaph Mohammed. -

Respectful, reliable, honourable, and helpful were some of the words used to describe Amanda and Mustaph Mohammed during their joint funeral on Friday. The couple were among the five people killed in Tunapuna on July 18.

Giving the eulogy, family friend Camille said Amanda and Mustaph met in their early teens and spent most of their adult lives getting to know each other.

“Mustaph was born on May 13, 1977, and turned 44 this year, and Camille was born on October 30, 1981 and was 39, both in the prime of their lives when they were tragically taken from their children, families and their friends.

“After three years of courting, Mustaph decided he wanted to get married, saying, ‘I know what I want,’ and also welcoming their first-born child, Akeem. They waited six years before having another child, which brought joy to Mustaph as he learned he was having a daughter. They named her Carissa, making their family complete. [They were] celebrating 21 years of happy marriage, and leave two children who will really miss the loving care and attention of their parents.”

She said Mustaph loved to laugh with friends and family, while Amanda was always cheerful and friendly to everyone she met. Camille said Mustaph loved taking care of animals, while Amanda loved her plants.

“He would constantly use phrases like ‘brudda,’ and ‘oui sah,’ always asking if you were hungry or if you wanted something to eat or to drink, always making sure that everyone was comfortable.

“Amanda complemented his personality perfectly. She would wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare breakfast for the family, and then moved on to making lunch and doing her household chores. Food was always ready by 10 am or earlier, as she always said you never know when someone would pass through, so she liked to be prepared.”

The officiant called on the family members and friends present to forgive, even though this would be a serious challenge.

“To forgive doesn’t mean that it’s okay, it simply means that if I get the chance to pay you back, I will not. I will leave it for God to do. That’s what forgiveness means.”

He also said he hoped God would deal with the murderers and bring them to a place where they begin to understand the pain they have caused other people.

The couple’s daughter wept uncontrollably after the service and had to be consoled by family members.


"Friends and family grieve for murdered couple"

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