Tancoo: Government engaging in 'geographic discrimination'

Davendranath Tancoo photo courtesy UNC
Davendranath Tancoo photo courtesy UNC

NEW Oropouche West MP Davendradath Tancoo has accused Government of "geographic discrimination" in favour of PNM-controlled constituencies.

He was contributing to debate on the budget in the House on Tuesday in his maiden parliamentary contribution.

He challenged the Finance Minister to provide a breakdown of projects by constituency and all grants provided before and during covid19.

"Every day someone enters my office and says they received no support from Government."

He said while he was not against those in need receiving assistance, he was deeply opposed to any form of discrimination.

He described the budget presentation as a lacklustre one which failed to capture imagination of citizens, business community or farmers and there was a recent rush to distribute agriculture grants to "save face."

"Everyone on the PNM side has a job, can put food on the table, can educate their children, can take precautions against crime, whether for a phone or a peacock. The members have lives very different from the lives of the average citizen."

Tancoo said he was deeply saddened and concerned about Government's refusal to account for more than $253 billion spent over the last five years. He claimed government's fiscal policies target a few mega-businesses which was against common sense.

"They make the rich richer, and not the middle class or the poor. They have failed the population, the business community and TT."

He said the country has been sent into an economic downward spiral and no one could accuse Finance Minister Colm Imbert of engaging in conduct for which he could be characterised as "smart."

Tancoo stressed despite "burning" billions in mismanagement and corruption, economic uncertainty had risen to very high levels and continued to remain very high today.

"The collapse of confidence is all based on the policies of Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister."


"Tancoo: Government engaging in ‘geographic discrimination’"

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