K'den, 11, has an 'MBA,' makes masks, sells face shields

K'den Saunders sews face masks which he sells in his new business at his home in Woodstar Villas, Bon Air South, Arouca.  -
K'den Saunders sews face masks which he sells in his new business at his home in Woodstar Villas, Bon Air South, Arouca. -

THE economic downtown that came with the covid19 pandemic has made entrepreneurs out of many, even children like 11-year-old K'den Saunders.

The Sacred Heart Boys' RC student, who enters standard five when the new school term begins in September, spoke with Newsday Kids at his home in Woodstar Villas, Bon Air South, Arouca, where he runs his business.

K'den began making and selling cloth masks, then moved on to selling face shields.

"I started selling the masks a few weeks after covid19 lockdown (in March) because they were in high demand. It felt like a good opportunity to help people and make a profit."

Cheering him on was his proud mother, Farrona Saunders-Samuel, who gave him gentle reminders of milestones on his journey.

K'den Saunders is an entrepreneur who sews and sells cloth masks, and buys and sells face shields as a business during the pandemic. PHOTOS BY ANGELO MARCELLE -

K'den, who plays hockey with QPCC, said he took an online course that his mother found on Facebook which taught children about entrepreneurship. He learned about target marketing and business management from the course – Kids MBA – which ran for three weeks in July.

With this new knowledge, he moved from sewing and selling cloth masks, which he learnt to do from his mother and grandmother, Lucy Saunders, to purchasing and re-selling face shields. He still makes and sells the face masks which costs $15 each, however, as an astute kid-preneur, he has learnt it is more efficient to retail the face shields which costs between $20 to $50 each.

"The face shield is more convenient to wear because you don't have this mask covering your face whole day."

"I also buy and sell toys for kids my age. I liked the course because it taught me the whole idea of creating a business. The name of the business is Click For Anything. I wasn't sure what to sell so I said we can sell everything, so that's the name."

The Kids MBA was challenging, he said, adding that "Mondays and Tuesdays I had no time for myself because it was courses whole day." The rest of the week, he had one course from 2 to 5 pm. In the end, it all paid off.

Saunders-Samuel said the family is in the process of registering the business and has already done a name search. On Tuesday, she has to visit the Ministry of Legal Affairs in Port of Spain, one step closer to having her son's business approved.

K'den, who wants to be a pilot, said he " felt really proud" when he made his first sale.

K'den Saunders weeds grass around orchra plants at his home in Woodstar Villas, Bon Air South, Arouca. The 11-year-old who is starting a business also has a home garden. -

His message for other children? "Reach for the stars. You can be a child and still be a businessman."

By the way, K'den also has a green thumb. Tired of going to the market, "with this one", he said, pointing over his shoulder to his mother, he began a kitchen garden. He has planted tomatoes, corn, string beans, peppers, celery, lettuce and seasonings.

With his business getting off the ground, K'den says he can't wait to get back to school.

"I don't like how covid19 is killing people, but staying home can drive people mad. I have never been away from school for so long and I am ready to get back to school and see my friends."

Anyone who wants to support K'den can visit his Facebook page Click For Anything.


"K’den, 11, has an ‘MBA,’ makes masks, sells face shields"

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