San Fernando hairstylist denies breaking covid19 regulations

Hairdresser Jowelle De Souza at her salon on Wednesday. - Marvin Hamilton
Hairdresser Jowelle De Souza at her salon on Wednesday. - Marvin Hamilton

San Fernando hairdresser Jowelle De Souza told Newsday on Thursday that the doors of her salon are open only because she is maintaining her equipment

“Any report saying I am open for business is false," she said. "I am not going against the regulations issued by the government for covid19.”

De Souza said she had several visits from the police, who saw her car in front of her business place.

“They entered the compound and informed us we are not allowed to operate.”

The officers, she said, saw that she and a couple of other people were at her Independence Avenue premises, maintaining physical distancing while looking after equipment, products and books at her office.

On Wednesday she spoke to reporters at the salon to complain that small businesses were being discriminated against, as only restaurants and a few large businesses have been allowed to reopen. One report subsequently said she had reopened for business in defiance of the rules.

"It is amazing how reporters twist the truth to score points," De Souza said. "We have a lot to do in the business place. It is now two months, and clients are calling for house visits, but l am not a roaming beautician. I can only treat a customer at my salon."

Fed up and frustrated of staying home, De Souza said she had messaged the Prime Minister on WhatsApp about giving business owners a hearing and he replied that she was speaking to the wrong person.

“I know Dr Rowley is upset with me for lashing out on Facebook, but as the prime minister he must know it is our right, because it is a democracy that we live in.”

On Thursday she met with her lawyers to discuss taking legal action against the government.

“The point of this matter is, the world is opening businesses by the shift system in order to save the economy, but in this country, we are told to wait until July.”

All over the world, she said, beauty businesses and yoga centres are opening.

In reply to business owners, she said, Health Minister Terence Deyalsingh is saying during the covid19 daily updates that they can reopen if people behave themselves.

To this statement, De Souza replied, "We are not children. We are have been running the economy as business owners of this country.”

During the daily updates, De Souza said, she has been posting questions to health officials but they have been ignored.


"San Fernando hairstylist denies breaking covid19 regulations"

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