Girl, 8, beaten to death after wetting bed, father takes own life

Michael Maynard -
Michael Maynard -

A Kelly Village man ended his life moments after he killed his eight-year-old autistic daughter by beating her with a cutlass.

Information reaching Newsday at this time is that father of two, Michael Maynard, beat the girl for wetting the bed.

Police were told by the girl’s ten-year-old brother that the child would usually wet the bed and, after making several checks over the course of Saturday night, Maynard woke up to find his pants wet.

The man sent the girl to bathe, then beat her with a cutlass. The child was later found dead.

Police were told the man dressed the child’s body, combed her hair and put her on a bed. He then told his son he could not live with what he had done, and even if he went to jail he could not live without his daughter. Maynard locked the boy in the house and told him he would return.

At about 6 pm on Sunday, the boy woke up and realised his father was nowhere to be found. He jumped out the window and told neighbours who searched for Maynard and found him dead near the house.

This is the second murder/suicide to have happened within a matter of weeks. In January, Roger Singh killed his wife Naiee Singh, then himself.

The murder toll for the year now stands at 59.


"Girl, 8, beaten to death after wetting bed, father takes own life"

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