Dad activist views ganja bill as a political bluff

DANIEL GEORGE, who has been campaigning for the legalisation and decriminalisation of marijuana as a medicine for his sick children, sees the proposed legislation as nothing more than a “political bluff”.

He said he is not in agreement with the limited number of four male plants an individual can cultivate without a licence as he wants to boil the roots for his children.

He said around this election time there are a lot of promises, but he is not letting his guard down. He is going ahead with his campaign to legalise marijuana for its medicinal purposes.

George’s two daughters Faith, seven, and Makeda, five, suffer with asthma and have constant seizures. The medication which has been prescribed by doctors, he said, leaves them cranky and drowsy, and they are unable to sleep. He said because of their condition the children are under performing at school.

Earlier this year, George embarked on the Sawic Legalise Marijuana campaign after his research proved that medicinal marijuana can help cure his children.

George is a Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) candidate contesting the Cap-de-Ville/Fanny Village electoral district in the Point Fortin Borough Corporation.

“This is election time and usually a lot of promises come from politicians around this time. I think this is a political bluff. I don’t think people should take word of mouth in exchange for their votes. We want to see not hear," he said.

NGO RebuildTT which is opposed to decriminalisation also believes Government appears to have delayed the legislative push to fit into its election campaign.

“RebuildTT does not believe the general population supports decriminalisation and hopes it does not backfire should voters use it as a referendum on weed in the upcoming local government elections,” the organisation said in a statement.

During the consultations on decriminalisation, RebuildTT proposed a three-strike approach where first-time offenders would attract a small fine or community service, but no jail time or conviction. It also proposed the same for second-time offenders, but with drug counselling, with the third- time offender facing the full brunt of the law.

Recognising the benefits of medical marijuana, RebuildTT proposed Government allow importation from Jamaica or other Caricom sources, using the same strict protocols under which medical narcotics, such as medical morphine, are imported and regulated.


"Dad activist views ganja bill as a political bluff"

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