Dad takes marijuana walk to cure sick daughters

Daniel George with his daughters whose asthma and seizures, he believes, could be helped with medicinal marijuana. -
Daniel George with his daughters whose asthma and seizures, he believes, could be helped with medicinal marijuana. -

A Point Fortin father, tired of seeing the pain and suffering his two sick daughters have been enduring all their lives, will be staging a walk from the borough to San Fernando for the decriminalisation of marijuana to treat them.

The walk is scheduled to take place on Thursday, and Daniel Junior Sawic George said this is the first of a series of activities, including rallies and concerts, in the Sawic Legalise Marijuana campaign he has started.

A father of three – two girls, Faith, seven, Makeda, five and an infant son, George told Newsday, “My older daughter is suffering more than enough with constant seizures and asthma attacks.

“I am well informed of the benefits of marijuana medicines which can help my child. My younger daughter also gets seizures and asthma attacks, but not as regularly as my older daughter.”

The former Petrotrin employee said, “I am not doing this for myself, but on behalf of other families who are being deprived by law of this healthier option.”

He said he has chosen the route from the area hospital, Point Fortin to the San Fernando General Hospital because that is the normal journey he has to take with his daughters when they fall ill.

“I will be walking in their shoes on October 24.”

George said he and his wife Penni Beckles-George are weary of the pain and suffering their children have to endure.

He said the medication his children use causes them to be often cranky, drowsy, unable to sleep and they are underperforming at school as a result.

While he is advocating for the legalisation of marijuana, George made it clear he is not a user but is aware of the plant’s benefits.

He said there is access but, because it is still illegal in this country, he will not get it for his children.

“I believe in law and order and I don’t think I should be hiding to use what I believe can cure my daughters and can cause us to have a happy family life.

“We should be able to be comfortable using it because it is legal, it is safer and it is a natural gift from God.”

George said while he is getting regional and international support for his campaign, he has not invited anyone to take this walk with him, because he does not want the police to get the idea he is staging a march or protest without permission.

“The road is free to walk, and whoever wishes to join will have to be disciplined and not block any free access or passageway.”

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi recently told Newsday, consultations have already been held and he will be introducing legislation to Parliament soon after the budget debate winds up.


"Dad takes marijuana walk to cure sick daughters"

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