Shoot out with thieves and police at Gulf City mall

File photo.
File photo.

IN an attempt to get away after stealing a car, two thieves began to shoot at police during and after a high-speed chase in the Gulf View area.

The chase continued to the Gulf City Mall where the thieves drove into the car park where they continued shooting at police. One of the men was arrested while the other drove away.

According to a police report at about 8 pm on Sunday, a man was driving through Hillpiece Road, Phillipine when he was stopped by two men. They pointed guns and ordered the man to hand over the keys to his Toyota Axio.

The men then drove off in the car. The victim contacted police who followed the car to the Gulf View area then the mall where the arrest was made. The 29-year-old suspect of La Romaine is expected to be charged this week.The search continues for the other suspect. San Fernando Police are investigating.


"Shoot out with thieves and police at Gulf City mall"

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