Sylvester’s Perspectives at 101

Nylon Pool
Nylon Pool

KAREN SYLVESTER is a concerned environmentalist, which has greatly influenced her work as an artist. Her landscapes deliberately do not feature the human form, which directs the viewer to focus on the beautiful nature that still surrounds us, geared to the realisation of the need to protect it from destruction by mankind.

Sylvester’s 2019 exhibition at the 101 Art Gallery, Perspectives, presents paintings of well-known nature spots, both in Trinidad and Tobago.Sylvester received a secondary education at Holy Name Convent, where she obtained an A-level certificate in art. After leaving school she was determined to follow a career in art and set out toward that goal by reading any art books she could find, especially books on the European Masters.

Dawn at Queens Park Savannah

She favoured the early expressionists like Monet and Cézanne and studied the works of well-known local artists, among them Cazabon, Hinkson, LeRoy Clarke, Louison, Mosca and Bryden. The works of these local artists inspired her to continue on her path to become an artist. For many years she has been exhibiting both locally and abroad. She works in many different media, but acrylic is her favourite medium because of its quick drying time, permanence and versatility.

The show opens on February 23 from 10 am-2 pm, and continues through Carnival to March 13. Visitors who buy works will be able to take them home immediately and the artist will replace any sold paintings with new works.

Opening hours are Tuesday-Friday 12 pm-6 pm and Saturdays 10 am-2 pm at the gallery, 84 Woodford Street, Newtown.

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"Sylvester’s Perspectives at 101"

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