ACP (Crime): We'll solve these murders

ACP Jason Forde
ACP Jason Forde

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police (ACP ) Jayson Forde, who is in charge of anti-crime operations, is assuring that the recent spate of murders will be solved. He also expressed concern over these "senseless killings" which has pushed the murder toll to 30 for the year.

Forde said there were 38 murders recorded during the same period last year and he is hoping with new anti-crime strategies being put in place, the murders will not increase.

He said an emergency meeting was held late Sunday to discuss ways and means of curbing the violence and resultant loss of life.

“We are working around the clock, we are putting new measures in place, we are on the ground doing surveillance and I can assure citizens that with the cooperation of members of the public and the new efficiency drive by Commissioner Griffith we will curb this level of violence taking place.”

Between Friday night and Sunday afternoon there were six murders. January and December are considered two of the bloodiest months according to police statistics.


"ACP (Crime): We’ll solve these murders"

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