Rowley: It's a national disaster

In mud-covered boots, accompanied by Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan and Minister of Local Government Kazim Hosein, Prime minister Dr Keith Rowley has said the flooding which devastated parts of east Trinidad is a national disaster.

Rowley spoke to media at the Piarco Gas Station, after turning around from an attempt to enter Kelly Village, as the roads were impassable.

Expressing concern over the dark clouds hovering above, he advised people to stay put as national security operatives were doing their best to provide relief.

Rowley visited the La Horquetta Community Centre early this morning where, a reported 300 people went to access shelter where the Greenvale community flooded.

“So far, fortunately what we heard about casualties have turned out to be rumours. We have not had reports of confirmed casualties,” Rowley said.


"Rowley: It’s a national disaster"

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