Why rise in suicide in nation?

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: Why is there a suicide rise in TT? Well, there are many reasons.

There are the health issues that increase suicide risk: mental health conditions, chronic pain, traumatic brain injuries, recent suicide attempts.

There also environmental factors that increase suicide risk: access to lethal means, prolonged exposure to stress, a death, job loss, exposure to another's suicide.

The risk factors are: a history of suicide attempts, a family history of suicide, experiencing childhood abuse.

The signs of suicide ideation may refer to: feeling trapped, experiencing unbearable pain, feeling like a burden, having no reason to live, feeling suicidal.

Red-flag behaviour includes: researching ways to kill oneself, increasing isolation, saying goodbye to people, giving away possessions, increased use of alcohol.

What is causing suicide rates to rise? Limited access to mental health services, substance abuse disorder, unfaithful spouses.

People, the epic story of tomorrow cannot be written if it ends today. If you are going through hell, keep going. There is help out there. Seek it.


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"Why rise in suicide in nation?"

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