Disappointed resignation letter a fake

Dinesh Rambally -
Dinesh Rambally -

THE EDITORS: The news that resignation letter purporting to be from Dinesh Rambally was a fake disappointed me as I thought that at last I had seen some testicular fortitude from the Maha Sabha pundit/lawyer/letter writer.

Indeed, the aforementioned titles deliberately omit MP for Chaguanas, simply because he is an MP in name tag/street sign only. He has done nothing for the Chaguanas constituency, which together with San Juan/Barataria and Mayaro are infrastructure and environment wastelands (worst roads, littering/dumping) ravaged by crime and traffic, with no water as a sweetener.

So given that Rambally is at loggerheads with the political leader and has never spoken to the mayor of Chaguanas, which is like nothing from nothing leaves nothing, he should have manned up and resigned.

We are in a by-election mode, so along with a by election in Princes Town and others, a by-election in Chaguanas, as well as a vote of no confidence on the mayorship, would serve well.

In addition, Rushton Paray should be the first to go out on a limb by resigning his seat and going to the public on his track record and his leadership vanity trip. There’s man-politics for you. Let’s see how well he does against “her majesty.”

It is high time the UNC stops prostituting safe seats like Chaguanas by offering up the crown jewels to the opportunists of interest groups. It has to stop this pandering and horse trading to the vote of religious bodies, and Fiaaq Mohammed and Saddam Hosein are good places to start.

For once, let’s have the Michelle Benjamins, the Shanti Boodrams and the Doodnath Mayhroos serve the people. What has become of Vandana Mohit?


St James


"Disappointed resignation letter a fake"

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