Ban skimpy costumes next year

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo by Roger Jacob
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo by Roger Jacob

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Prime Minister, the National Carnival Commission (NCC) and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

I kindly appeal to you to put a stop to or ban all skimpy costumes for Carnival 2025 and beyond.

The naked and skimpy costumes, the bikini and beads, and the lewd behaviour of many masqueraders are becoming overbearing. We need to bring decency back to Carnival for the sake of our children – our future generation.

I have seen some beautiful and modest costumes for this year’s Carnival and I continue to be impressed by the creativity and talent of our people.

The way some female masqueraders were dressed, it was as if they would walk naked soon. Their breasts were barely covered and the thong bikinis needed more fabric to properly cover their pubic areas. Too many thongs, too many bottoms were in the road!

The media are to be blamed for showing too much vulgarity as well.

I appeal to you folks who have the power and authority to make a difference. Start the conversations please, start making an appeal from now for more decency for Carnival.

When we look at the history of Carnival, the French plantation owners were fully covered for their balls and galas. While we need not to go back to dressing like those from the Victorian era for Carnival – not a bad idea though – there should be a serious call to all bandleaders to exercise modesty when designing future J'Ouvert, Monday wear and pretty costumes. The male masqueraders are always covered, so why can’t the women be more covered?

Another issue that some folks have expressed was the large demonic or evil-looking kings and Queens costumes. For example, there was one band that had a king costume in the shape of a sitting green demon. This costume was ugly, very disturbing and was trending on social media.

There are those of us who are a bit more conservative and strongly believe that it is time for bandleaders to move away from satanic looking themes for their bands, etc.

Another point: when it comes to our children, they need not be exposed to explicit lyrics. As a matter of fact, soca artists, can you all do better and sing more songs that have clean or family-friendly lyrics? Learn from the numerous calypsonians who have been singing kaiso with great lyrics, etc.

Soca artists, how about making songs to encourage ballroom dancing? Class-up the soca! I dare you.

Dr Rowley, Winston "Gypsy" Peters and Randall Mitchell, say something, please.

Oh, another reminder. Please make the steelpan our national instrument before August 11, the day that United Nations declared as World Steelpan Day. What is the delay?


Port of Spain


"Ban skimpy costumes next year"

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