Lambeau Anglican, Scarborough Secondary finally reopened

Scarborough Secondary School on Milford Road, Tobago. - File photo
Scarborough Secondary School on Milford Road, Tobago. - File photo

THE Lambeau Anglican Primary School and Scarborough Secondary School reopened on Wednesday, after being closed for the past two weeks.

On February 27, a media release from the THA Division of Education, Research and Technology announced that both schools were cleared to reopen after a temporary closure owing to air-quality concerns related to the February 7 oil spill.

The release said both schools underwent a meticulous deep cleaning process that included sanitising classrooms, facilities and common areas, adding that extensive coastal clean-ups had also been done to address any external contamination.

The division said the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) had done comprehensive air-quality testing and facility inspection over the past few days, and there were no lingering pollutants or hazards.

However, it said owing to the fluidity of the situation, the division continued to closely monitor any changes to be able to make any necessary adjustments.


"Lambeau Anglican, Scarborough Secondary finally reopened"

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