Is real change possible in Trinidad and Tobago?

Steve Alvarez -
Steve Alvarez -

THE EDITOR: In most countries in the world there are groups that seek to gain political advantage by having people they prefer elected to public office. These groups usually spend lots of money to get their ideas accepted and the people that support their ideas in office.

In Trinidad and Tobago, political ideas, manifestos, visions and promises for improved governance are not the factors that make one party more acceptable than the other. In Trinidad and Tobago, the financiers do not have to work hard to sell anything. They simply must subliminally support the fear, divisiveness and misconceptions that support racial division.

Many are unable to consider even for a moment the reality that all the people suffer the same when an inefficient, visionless, incompetent government is in service. Political campaigns that dwell on providing a better governance model are almost totally ignored.

The financial elite that funds political divisiveness support both major political parties. They have absolutely nothing to fear if either party wins. Their children do not line up for government services, they do not have to struggle for foreign exchange, and tendering for government contracts are just a formality as they are already guaranteed the projects.

They have friends in almost every area of governance, thus firearm licences, passports and similar government-issued documents and privileges are given to them without they having to go through the legal processes.

They are not affected by crime, as some profit from the increase in criminal activities in communities. They indirectly fund gangs to ensure that their influence in communities remain current. The ordinary man who must struggle with the challenges of daily sustenance and survival have very little chance of seeing real change.

No political party can win an election without reaching out to the population. Getting the message out that unity is what is required as we are in the same country, with the same government, and the same inefficiencies and punitive measures intended to keep the poor in need, is difficult without the funding to get the message out.

Until the people take some time to get out of the pattern of racial voting supported by those who wish to continue the domination of the masses, the change one hopes for will not become a reality. There is only one hope for a better Trinidad and Tobago and that requires every person to commit to supporting true unity and a vision that ends the racial divisiveness forever.

There is so much to look forward to. Better opportunities for our children, safe communities, economic prosperity, efficient government services, and the end to special privileges for financiers. Those and so much more are possible if we dare to end the divisiveness now.

The domination of the two major parties anchored in racial support must end or the financiers will continue to manage our downfall through those they support for governance.


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"Is real change possible in Trinidad and Tobago?"

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