Suspect in Gasparillo KFC shooting held

 - File photo
- File photo

The hunt for the suspect in the fatal shooting in KFC's outlet in Gasparillo on February 16 has ended.

Southern Division police held the injured suspect in an exercise in Claxton Bay over the weekend.

The suspect was wanted for the murder of Luka Lorenzo Goring, 31, of Gopaul Lands in Marabella.

The incident, captured on CCTV cameras, shows Goring stabbing the suspect several times at the fast-food outlet in full view of other customers, including a child, as well as workers. Goring was then overpowered and shot dead on the spot. The injured suspect then left.

Over the weekend, the police got a tip-off and went to the house at St John’s Road, where they held the suspect and two other people. The suspect is from another street, also in the Claxton Bay area.

The police said he was wanted in connection with other serious crimes in the division. On Sunday afternoon, the police did not divulge information on the suspect’s injuries but confirmed he was in custody.

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region III) police are investigating.


"Suspect in Gasparillo KFC shooting held"

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