Police urge caution on the road after Wallerfield accident

Accident at the Cumuto intersection in Wallerfield. - Photo by Roger Jacob
Accident at the Cumuto intersection in Wallerfield. - Photo by Roger Jacob

Police are still trying to confirm the condition of at least one man involved in an accident at the Wallerfield intersection, early on Sunday morning.

Newsday understands that at about 9 am on Sunday, the driver of a black Mitsubishi Lancer was driving east along Churchill Roosevelt Highway. At the same time, the driver of a white van was attempting to drive south towards Cumuto. The two vehicles collided at the intersection.

While police are still gathering details, a video posted on social media shortly after the incident showed the two vehicles damaged at the side of the highway. In the video, one person was seen lying on the road while the driver of the Mitsubishi car and another man were pinned in the white van.

Police road safety co-ordinator Brent Batson, in a Whatsapp conversation, urged drivers to be responsible over the Carnival period.

“We urge anyone going behind the wheel of a vehicle to be sober. If people are going to consume alcohol, please do so responsibly. Designate a driver or utilise taxis, maxis and ride-share services.”

He also urged occupants of vehicles to wear a seatbelt for safety.

Inspector Doodnath of the Freeport Highway Patrol Unit urged drivers to stop speeding, after officers issued over 70 speeding tickets in road exercises over the weekend.

“Stop speeding. The lime is not running away,” Doodnath said in a media release.

Police said that in an exercise along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway on Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm, officers issued 60 speeding tickets. One person driving a truck was clocked at 134 km/h in a 65 km/h zone.

A second exercise conducted from Tarouba to Preysal between 2 pm and 6 pm on Saturday resulted in 12 speeding tickets.

He said the Highway Patrol Branch will continue to monitor the nation’s highways and roads for the remainder of the Carnival season to ensure that all motorists adhere to road traffic laws. He urged caution for the Carnival season.

“Remember, someone is waiting for you at home,” he said.


"Police urge caution on the road after Wallerfield accident"

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