Parisot-Potter resigns from Massy

Angelique Parisot-Potter.
Photo courtesy Massy -
Angelique Parisot-Potter. Photo courtesy Massy -

ANGELIQUE Parisot-Potter, the executive vice-president in charge of business integrity and group general council has resigned, according to a notice of resignation by Massy Holdings Ltd to the TT Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

The release said the resignation took effect on December 27, 2023.

Last month, during the conglomerate’s 100th annual general meeting, Parisot-Potter raised an issue with practices of the leadership of the company in a 13-page document, which included “bizarre rituals” costing the company thousands of dollars in foreign exchange.

She raised a particular issue with what was described as a “leadership programme,” which involved frequent travel to Fort Myers, Florida. She claimed the rituals involved in the programme included training Massy employees to communicate with the dead and to self-heal with “white light energy.”

Massy has since denied the claims and sought disciplinary measures against Parisot-Potter, claiming that she took the opportunity at the company’s AGM to publicly disclose matters that are confidential to the company. She took leave before the announcement of her resignation.

For the financial year ending September 30, 2023, Massy reported a decline in profits by five per cent to $813 million, as compared to $858 million for 2022.


"Parisot-Potter resigns from Massy"

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