Panday 'doing well' after medical consultation in US

Basdeo Panday and his daughter Mickela.
Basdeo Panday and his daughter Mickela.

FORMER prime minister Basdeo Panday is said to be doing well after consultations with his doctors in the US.

In a message posted on social media on Wednesday morning, Panday’s daughter Mickela spoke of his resilience, quoting his mantra, “If you see me and a lion fighting, feel sorry for the lion.”

In her post, she said, “Truer words have never been spoken. The last two weeks have been a perfect example of that sheer strength and determination, mentally and physically.

“This is no surprise, as it takes a truly exceptional person to withstand the level of persecution and betrayal my father has had to overcome throughout his political life.

“From baseless, trumped-up charges of alleged corruption, aided and abetted by a biased media with an unholy agenda that lasted for almost 20 years before his name was cleared, to those he trusted the most, conspiring and plotting to steal the party he formed and worked so hard to build."

She said her father was the only leader of a political party to beat the People's National Movement without a coalition.

She said in the desperate grab for power, the truth is often left behind.

She called on citizens to replace hate with love, anger with kindness and learn from the past in the new year.

“Each day is a gift and every moment a treasure.”

Panday left for medical investigations in early December.


"Panday ‘doing well’ after medical consultation in US"

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