Solution may be in audit of promotion process

Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher -
Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher -

THE EDITOR: I want to briefly refer to the fiasco that has unfolded in the police service about the apparent promotion of several officers in "error," and I simply want to ask the following:

1. Was this an isolated incident?

A rhetorical question because the answer for those who aren't aware is a big fat "no."

2. On the previous occasions when this has occurred was anyone held accountable?

Another rhetorical question for which the answer for those who don’t know is another big fat "no."

3. Was the Commissioner of Police aware of this flaw in the promotion process?

Again a rhetorical question, because obviously "yes." After all, she was in charge and responsible for the administration of the police service for several years prior to becoming the commissioner.

4. With the regularity of these promotions of undeserving officers over the years, is there the possibility that they are occurring by design rather than by accident or "error?"

I humbly suggest to the authorities, including the Police Service Commission, as they engage on this nationwide survey of the TTPS, to please consider a comprehensive or even forensic audit of the promotion process over the 12 years. There they may find the cause of the demise of the service and would be in a better position to find a solution.

There are and always were highly competent, dignified and dedicated officers, but for some "strange" reason the majority are/were bypassed for promotion, while too many at the other end of the spectrum find/found themselves stumbling upon senior offices to the disadvantage/detriment to the community they serve and society at large.

It is time to put an end to this anomaly for the sake of our country.


retired police officer


"Solution may be in audit of promotion process"

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