Break-in at Orange Field Hindu: MP calls on municipal police to help

Police on a crime scene - File photo
Police on a crime scene - File photo

BANDITS broke into the Orange Field Hindu School on Thursday night and made off with electronic items that were said to be prizes for a Christmas raffle.

School officials found two laptops, three tablets, a firestick, two drones and a Samsung cellphone missing on Friday.

Last week, the Waterloo Hindu Primary School was also broken into.

Couva North MP Ravi Ratiram told Newsday these two recent criminal acts in his constituency point to the growing lack of preventative care for protecting citizens, especially children.

“These two break-ins are only the last in a long list of schools who have been robbed in the past months, including the Cunupia Secondary and Reform Hindu School, demonstrating the lack of a response by the Government in dealing with this crime spree.”

Ratiram suggested that if the current security apparatus is not sufficient to deal with the increase in crime at schools, “I, therefore, call upon the ministers of Education, National Security and Local Government to use our community policing units and municipal police to supplement the current security force monitoring these compounds.

“We also need to have an increase in police patrols, especially at the end of the school day, to ensure the protection of these schools and their students who are also under attack in instances of bullying and other petty crimes.”

Ratiram said the children are the future, and all must be done to ensure their protection so they can achieve their full learning potential as they grow older and help build and develop the nation.


"Break-in at Orange Field Hindu: MP calls on municipal police to help"

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