Why some students do better

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Stock image source: pxhere.com

THE EDITOR: While we view education as universal, there are various reasons why some children do better than others at school.

In our capitalist, democratic and pluralistic society where children are supposed to be abundantly supported economically and socially by their parents, they are more likely to encounter less stress in both the prestige and government schools.

Unfortunately, other children face lack of economic and social support, thus their struggle is very slow. Every school term their parents struggle to obtain school accessories.

The children who do better are usually the ones from a family that is either single, nuclear or extended. They are confronted by being nurtured by descent and positive family and friends. When compassionate and unselfish love and the implementation of first-hand socialisation are shared by parents, it makes children less vulnerable to being lazy with their school work. And as they grow older, they mature along the journey of life, separating from full support.

As psalm 127.3 says, “Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb.” Yes, children are a precious gift. We ought to constantly nurture their spirit and sow seeds of wisdom.

Another factor that may cause children not to be progressive is that teachers tend to focus mostly on their favourites, and this can have a psychological effect on the “victims” of neglect. A percentage of them fall into the hidden agenda/curriculum, thus delaying their full focus on school work. They can become lost and idle, even to the point of being distracted by wayward companions who can lead them to becoming members of street gangs.

However, it would be a great remedy for parents and teachers to always give genuine love without discriminating. It may be difficult to always comprehend a child’s school work, but with patience and fortitude parents can bond and spend quality time with the child. Parent involvement will guarantee a child’s success.

Students who invest their youthful energies in academics and sports are usually rewarded with high grades, diplomas, degrees, and PhDs. The slow learner can become a future prime minister or president.

Additionally, students who are fully equipped with the tools of learning, maintaining a steady, proper diet and avoiding excessive snacks/sweets, can be assured that prayers, family togetherness of fun and laughter are definitely a superb antidote to stress.

Children who go to school late, miss classes, are rude to their parents and teachers, and maybe showing early signs of psychological problems, will need assistance in handling their circumstances. It’s the same for a small percentage of students who are perceptually handicapped or are still affected by traumas of early childhood, for example being victims of abuse or labelled the “black sheep of the family.”

It would be wise for both male and female students to compliment each and not compete with one another.

Finally, children of the bourgeoisie climb the strata of society’s social structure with the proletariat continuing to depend on prayers, natural ability, luck in order to achieve their goals in this modern technological world.




"Why some students do better"

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