TTMA trade mission goes to Antigua and Barbuda

The TT Manufacturers Association will be joined by 14 companies and 20 individuals on a trade mission to Antigua and Barbuda just before the Christmas holiday.

The mission is set to take place from November 28-December 1 and will be led by CEO Dr Mahindra Ramdeen.

The release said the delegates would be from a range of industries including transport, shipping and logistics, printing and packaging, banking and finance, apparel and safety wear, chemicals and non-metallics, construction, food and beverages.

The release said Antigua and Barbuda is a major trading partner, with exports from TT to Antigua including beverages, toilet paper, flour, cereals, tobacco, ice cream, ketchup and other products.

“Antigua and Barbuda has consistently been a top market within Caricom for Trinidad and Tobago’s non-energy exports. Taking into consideration the attraction of the Antigua and Barbuda market, and with Antigua and Barbuda being a fellow Caricom member state, there are many opportunities that exist through the import and export of non-energy products between both markets.”

As part of the Export Booster Initiative, delegates on the trade mission hope to determine business opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda and to establish and deepen strategic business and logistical relationships between manufacturers and buyers.

“It is expected that the participants of this mission will reap great rewards from this engagement as the manufacturing and related sectors continue to do (their) part in boosting the overall economic activity of TT.”


"TTMA trade mission goes to Antigua and Barbuda"

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