Grande multipurpose sport facility to reopen May 2024

A 2018 photo of the Northeastern Regional Multiurpose Facility, at Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande. -
A 2018 photo of the Northeastern Regional Multiurpose Facility, at Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande. -

EIGHT years after it was officially opened at a cost of approximately $70 million, the sparingly used Northeastern Multipurpose Sport Facility at Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande is set to reopen by May 2024.

The announcement was made on Monday by the Ministry of Sport via a media release. The ministry said officials of the Sport Company confirmed the reopening after a site visit on November 16.

The indoor sporting complex was built by Shanghai Construction Group catering for basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, martial arts and gymnastics.

However, sporting clubs and athletes in Sangre Grande and environs were unable to make full use of the facility as safety issues forced its closure not long after its opening.

Newsday understands that the flooring began to raise owing to the heat and presented a safety hazard.

Toco/Sangre Grande MP Roger Monroe, centre, smiles with Councillor David Guy, left, and SporTT Manager, Facilities East Hassan Assalam in the refurbished locker room area of the Northeastern Multipurpose Sport Facility. -

Concerns were allegedly raised with the contractor, but the issue was never addressed.

“From the beginning there was a problem,” Sport Company chairman Douglas Camacho told Newsday in a 2018 interview.

On Monday he said, "Very shoddy workmanship by the original contractor. A lot of remedial work, but we're pretty close to completion."

Asked what the final cost of renovations would be, Camacho said he did not have that figure yet as the project was still ongoing.

Head of Projects Execution at SporTT, Leon Le Gendre, said the works include repairing the structural integrity of the concrete base of the indoor courts, which will then be re-laid using high-quality hardwood flooring. The pouring of the concrete sub-floor was completed earlier this week.

Toco/Sangre Grande MP Roger Monroe was among those who toured the facility,which caters to around 1,500 spectators. Monroe said, "I am happy to see the ongoing work and as the representative for the area, I am strongly lobbying for the inclusion of court markings for badminton and volleyball, as well as lighting on the pristine outdoor pitch, which can be used for football."

Councillor for Sangre Grande Northeast, David Guy, also joined the tour. He said he is excited about the progress at the venue. Guy is hoping to see table tennis and martial arts in action once the facility is completed.

Toco/Sangre Grande MP Roger Monroe, second from right, explains the expected use of the Northeastern Multipurpose Facility to SporTT Head of Projects Execution Leon Le Gendre during a recent site visit. -

Also addressing the upgrade work, Minister of Sport and Community Development, Shamfa Cudjoe-Lewis, said, "We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated reopening of the Northeastern Multipurpose Sport Facility. The refurbishment works undertaken by SporTT exemplify the Government’s ongoing commitment to providing top-quality sporting infrastructure throughout TT.

"This refurbished facility is designed not only to meet the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts but will also make a substantial contribution to the holistic development of Sangre Grande and its environs.”

SporTT said it is committed alongside its line ministry, the Ministry of Sport and Community Development, and other stakeholders and partners to the construction, upgrade, and management of the highest quality sporting facilities in the country, fulfilling its mission to develop sport through service and leadership.


"Grande multipurpose sport facility to reopen May 2024"

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