TT Chambers launches Tobago business advisory services

TT Chambers, Tobago divison, chairman, Curtis Williams. -
TT Chambers, Tobago divison, chairman, Curtis Williams. -

The culture of doing business in Tobago is on the verge of being transformed.

So said the chairman of the Tobago division of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Curtis Williams, on Thursday, as the chamber launched the Tobago Business Advisory Services (TBAS).

Williams described TBAS as a significant initiative by the chamber’s Tobago division aimed at fostering economic growth. He said it represented a critical step forward in the mission to provide vital support and resources to the local business community.

“It is the testimony to the commitment of the Tobago division to empower business, foster innovation and contribute to the sustainable development of the Tobago economy. As we embark on this exciting journey, we anticipate that the TBAS will serve as a catalyst for growth offering viable guidance, resources and network opportunities for all businesses of various sizes throughout the island.”

President of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kiran Maharaj said the initiative was both a “crucial and important” step for the Tobago business community. Maharaj said the initiative is about igniting a spark to help facilitate and empower the business community in Tobago.

“We recognise that there is a need to help support the long-term viability by investing in you, the businesspeople in Tobago. We need that you need support in building your capacity, we know that co-operation is needed, and I think that you can surely say that this is one of the great benefits of being a member of the Tobago division of the chamber.”

Chairman of the Chamber’s Business Development Committee Janet Parks said the day is very significant on the calendar of the Tobago Division.

“Now this is so because seven years ago, we had set out on a journey to give back to the business community in a similar fashion. At that time, we had started a mentorship programme as we had seen the need to work alongside businesses that had become vulnerable because they were in startup mode and there was such a high failure rate in businesses.

"That mentorship programme did not last, because we had some challenges – one was funding, but the other major issue was the lack of education, and that is where TBAS is now coming back.”

She said education would be used as the axis to turn businesses around, as there was a need to transform how business is done on the island.

“We can no longer ignore what is happening around us. Digitisation is taking place, artificial intelligence is right at our doors – so we can no longer sit in a bubble in Tobago and believe that we’re not going to be affected in terms of how we do business.”

THA Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Transportation Tashia Burris welcomed the initiative, saying it was time to grow strong institutions.

“The government cannot fix every problem in society. A government by itself cannot recover a sector. What needs to happen for Tobago to progress, to prosper, to become the greatest little island on the planet, is that the government has to step into the role of facilitator, supporter, sponsor – but not always necessarily doer and implementer.

"That is why this partnership, this collaboration with the Tobago Chamber is very critical in this time. We recognise that in order for us to do all the things that everybody in Tobago expects us to do, we cannot do it by ourselves.”

She said this is simply one step, as she thanked the Chamber for bringing the idea to fruition.

“I can tell you that you have the support of the THA whatever you may need, within reason, to ensure that this initiative is one of many. Only one of many, because I expect many more ideas to come out of this. I expect many more requests for support. I expect to see the chamber in every nook and cranny, in every space, in every place in Tobago.”


"TT Chambers launches Tobago business advisory services"

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