Newsday celebrates 30th anniversary

Newsday's Editor in Chief Camille Moreno. - Jeff K. Mayers
Newsday's Editor in Chief Camille Moreno. - Jeff K. Mayers

Newsday today opens a new chapter in its journey, still TT’s youngest daily newspaper. The legacy that began with the help of pioneering journalist Therese Mills, the editor in chief, who at one time was also chairman and CEO, has transitioned over 30 years into a news outlet that includes digital media, reflecting the new age of journalism.

Despite its challenges over the past three decades, our editorial team remains committed to delivering news that remains true to the founding spirit as the “People’s paper.”

This year, we’ve had a change in our editorial management, with me as the new editor in chief, Ken Chee Hing as managing editor and Darren Bahaw as the Sunday editor. Judy Raymond, who had been at the helm for five years, continues to be a guiding presence as our editorial consultant.

I wish to thank our editorial staff for their dedication over the past three years; keeping us at the forefront of covering events and people who have an impact on our society amid the covid19 pandemic. We too lost colleagues during this time, and I offer our condolences to their families.

Also, our team never wavered in covering a general election in an unprecedented landscape of mask-wearing and online political meetings; we adapted and continue our reporting on what has turned into a stream of electioneering, just coming out of local government elections and continuous campaign-like debates and meetings leading to a general election, even though it is two years away.

I must note that the editorial department is not just reporters and photographers, but we include those who diligently work out of sight: our editors, sub-editors and digital staff.

Our appreciation is also shared with all staff in other departments of Daily News Ltd.

I wish to welcome the new journalists who join us as we continue to uphold our responsibility as an “independent and credible” news organisation.

Camille Moreno

Editor in Chief


"Newsday celebrates 30th anniversary"

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